How To Use Castor Oil To Dissolve Cataracts And Get 20/20 Vision!

Use castor oil to dissolve cataracts. It will also improve your vision to its best level. The term cataract refers to the clouding that appears of the normally clear lens of the eye. For those with cataracts, seeing through cloudy lenses seems like looking through a frosty window. Consequently, this makes it difficult for the individual to drive a car at night or read.
The majority of cataracts develops gradually and do not disturb your vision in the very beginning. However, they might interfere with your vision as time passes by. Initially, eyeglasses and stronger light help deal with cataracts, but a cataract surgery is required in case impaired vision affects with your day-to-day activities.
  • Blurred, clouded, or dim vision
  • Sensitivity to glare and light
  • Difficulty with vision at night
  • Fading or yellowing of colors
  • Double vision in one eye
  • Need for brighter lightening for reading
  • Frequent changes in contact lens or eyeglass prescription
  • Seeing halos around lights
As for the causes, it is believed that most cataracts develop when injury or aging changes the tissue making up the eye`s lens. Some health problems and genetic disorders are also likely to increase the risk for developing cataracts. Past eye surgery, eye-related conditions, and conditions like diabetes are also common cause of cataracts. Ultimately, this problem may also arise from long-term use of steroid drugs.
It has been scientifically shown that those with low levels of antioxidants in their bodies are at higher risk of developing cataracts. Therefore, keeping the glutathione level relatively high helps delay the formation of cataracts and diminish the need for cataract surgery. Not only glutathione, but other foods high in antioxidants are also solid remedy against cataracts and similar eye problems.
While we are being told that surgery is the only option for removing cataracts, and indeed is the best for advanced cases, there are natural ways to eliminate cataracts if you diagnose them in the very beginning.
This one simple ingredient can be successfully used to dissolve cataracts. It has been found that it works for other eye problems as well, including age-related macular degeneration, dry eyes, near and far-sightedness, and conjunctivitis.
Since eye problems are caused by glycation, applying antioxidants or ingesting them heals from the inside out! Natural healers have been aware of this for a very long time now though. Castor oil is packed with antioxidants and this is the reason why it has such a beneficial effect on the eyes.
Apply a drop of pure castor oil into each eye using an eyedropper. It is recommended to do this at bedtime, as your eyesight is likely to be blurred with this application. Hence, closing the eyes overnight allows the oil to do its work as you sleep.
The next morning, there might be crusts at the edge of the eyes. Don’t worry about it as this is the calcification being dissolved for elimination. All you have to do is to rinse it off.
Many people who have tried this remedy claim that their vision has notably improved the next morning, and it keeps getting even better. However, in case you don’t notice any improvement in your vision after using it a few nights in a row, stop using it. Although it doesn’t do any harm to your eyes, it may not be appropriate for your problem.

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