FDA Bans Natural Substance Manufactured By The Body Itself

Natural substances are manufactured by the body itsef. These substances are banned by FDA. When the FDA goes after organic substances, it is in part due to big Pharma not wanting competition against their products.
This is a common process that recently, a poll found 37 percent of people had agreed that U.S. regulators work hard to suppress accessibility to natural cures. The FDA had went after picamilon, which is an organic combination of Vitamin B3 and a substance created in the body known as GABA.
GABA is an effective neuroprotector that works to enhance brain function, and because of this, Eli Lilly made the move to utilize GABA in a drug for Alzheimer’s named Solanezumab. It was then that any natural supplements that were abundant in picamilon, were a huge threat to their $7.6 billion dollar revenue from the Alzheimer’s drug by 2024.
When drug trails entered into the final phase, supplement firms had received letters from the FDA enforcing them to not promote the natural alternative. The FDA’s entire treatment and attitude towards cannabidiol is a pure example of how they operate. Its being found now that CBDs are much more effective in treating certain neurological disorders, epilepsy and seizures.
They are ten times more potent than drugs pushed by Big Pharma, so now they are trying to get them approved by the FDA as a medicine. Once the status was being labeled as “investigated as a new drug,” FDA rules explicitly label CBDs as not being a dietary supplement. The FDA has worked on a regulatory campaign of intimidation to push their “problem” away. They sate that CBD products aren’t able to be sold as dietary supplements and even warned CBD marketers.

Who is the FDA really protecting?

This horrible rule allows the FDA to halt any sale of an herb or vitamin as a dietary supplement, but if the drug company is studying it, it’s okay. Big Pharma finds this useful as the rule effectively eliminates all competition before they are released. The FDA even says that if the drug doesn’t lead to a new one or the drug application is repealed, the supplement is then banned.
This happened with Solanezumab, and with failed results in last stages of clinical trials, people will still be banned access to picamilon.

We are being denied a natural cure for many chronic ills all because of big Pharma greed. It should not surprise anyone, but 57.7 percent of drug reviewers that leave the FDA, end up working as a consultant for the pharmaceutical industry. The Alliance for Natural health says that guidance recently issued, subjects supplements to safety requirements that aren’t placed on Pharma drugs.
A good example, extra safety studies are required if a supplement’s target population changes, like when the product being deemed are for adults being prescribed to kids. Toxic drugs like antidepressants and stimulants aren’t put through these regulations, with the FDA acknowledging that most drugs administered to children and the elderly haven’t been routinely tested on those groups.
Instead of the FDA protecting the American people, they are instead choosing Big Pharmaceuticals and their deceptive tactics. The only channel it seems of getting natural healing treatments is through purchasing them from a pharmaceutical company.

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