14 Amazing Uses Of Hydrogen Peroxide, Which Very Few People Know

Very few people know about the amazing uses of hydrogen peroxide. Among the things that are never missing in a house we find hydrogen peroxide, an antiseptic and disinfectant that is considered to be the safest.
It kills microorganisms by oxidation and decomposes them into oxygen and water.
It is also used as a bleach for the hair and as a complement to the dyes.
But its uses are not limited to being used as a germicidal agent or as a beauty product, but also apply to things you surely never imagined.
Let’s learn some other uses you can give to that bottle of hydrogen peroxide that you keep in your first aid kit.
14 Amazing Uses Of Hydrogen Peroxide, Which Very Few People Know:
  1. – It avoidsinfectionswhen we clean the wounds and helps to heal.
  2. – It gradually eliminates the marks that leaves theacneof natural way. Apply at night, before going to bed, some hydrogen peroxide in the marks with the help of a cotton and little by little you will see the changes.
3.- If you have problems with gingivitis, hydrogen peroxide will not cure it, but it will help to deflate the gums and relieve the pain.
You can use it as an emergency resource. It also prevents the onset of other infections.
4.- If you had a toothache of those that arise at night and when there is nowhere to go, you can use hydrogen peroxide as a fairly efficient pain reliever. Rinse with 3% hydrogen peroxide for several minutes 3 to 4 times a day.
5.- For colds and nasal congestion you can also use hydrogen peroxide. Spray with a mixture of one part hydrogen peroxide and another water nose and throat, always with the head in a horizontal position and for 2 minutes. This will remove bacteria and relieve congestion. Ring your nose and clear your throat with water.
6.- When you take a bath, you can add to the water a little hydrogen peroxide to help keep the skin healthy and free of fungus.
7.- Immerse toothbrushes in oxygenated water overnight to eliminate bacteria and germs that cause oral diseases.
8.- If you have fungus or boils or some other problem on the skin generated by germs and bacteria, put water in the bathtub and pour half a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. Stay in the water for 30 minutes to help eliminate infections.
9.- Use hydrogen peroxide to remove bad odors from the armpits and feet. In the feet, at the same time, it helps to prevent the proliferation of fungi that are the ones that provoke the strong odors.
10.- Use hydrogen peroxide to remove stains of red wine, as long as it is a recent stain. You can also use white wine.
11.- Clean surfaces in bathroom and kitchen to eliminate bacteria and germs. It is an efficient disinfectant that will save you a lot of work. You can also clean mirrors to make them look shiny.
12.- The tables that we usually use to cut or chop meat, together with the utensils that come in contact with the food, can also be disinfected with hydrogen peroxide. This ensures that diseases such as salmonella are kept away.
13.- Bleach your clothes with a stream of hydrogen peroxide in the last rinse and eliminate the use of toxic bleach.
14.- Wash fruits and vegetables with a little hydrogen peroxide to discard bacteria and residues of pesticides and chemicals harmful to health.

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