These foods feed the cancer and destroy the health in hole. When medical experts talk about the food that causes cancer, it is thought to be carcinogenic substances that food contains, as well as chemicals that cause cancer. See where this 10 foods you should not eat a lot. You should be moderate in everything.
Canned tomatoes
Tomato is one of the healthiest foods you can eat, but if you consume canned tomato you expose yourself to cancer. Many cans are made from bisphenol A, which is also known as BPA. There is evidence that BPA affects the hormonal system and increase the risk of breast and prostate. Eliminate the possibility that these chemicals get into your body and therefore you should buy fresh tomatoes.
White bread
White bread causes a large increase in blood sugar levels which can lead to cancer. One study showed that people who eat five slices of white bread every day have double the possibility of getting kidney cancer than people who eat one and a half slice. It is best to consume brown bread.
Red meat
Consuming red meat does not mean you will get cancer, but there is an increased risk. It is particularly dangerous when stored at a high heat, then form a chemical known as a heterocyclic amine. Red meat contains nitrates which become cancerous when consumed, and the excessive consumption results in the formation of nitroso compounds which attacks the mucous membranes of the colon. Eating red meat should be limited and turn to consumption of fish.
Processed white flour
White flour is metabolized in the body as well as the sugar, however, undergoes a process of bleaching with chlorine, which is harmful to your body, and after a long period of consuming may create cancer cells. Wheat flour is the best alternative to white flour because it does not go through the process of bleaching.
Processed meat.
Processed meat is often found on our tables, ham, sausage, salami, bologna or other … When the meat is processed means that it is treated in some way. It is a canned, smoked, dried or meat treated with nitrates. Studies have shown that nitrates are associated with some types of cancer, and if you do not eat processed meat, the less are the chances of getting the cancer.
Chips containing the chemical known as acrylamide, which occurs when starches are subjected to a high temperature. The World Health Organization has classified acrylamide in carcinogens, as for laboratory studies have shown that it increases the risk of cancer.
Juices contain a lot of sugar, are high in calories and contain 4-methylimidazole, which gives soft drinks their brown color. Studies have shown that these chemicals increases the risk of cancer. Some countries have begun to legislate on the restriction of the use of 4-methylimidazole.
Popcorn from the microwave oven
Problem with popcorn from the microwave is that the grains are packed and coated with chemicals that are not good for us, a grain and oil is not natural but genetically modified. On several occasions, tests have shown release of diacetyl, a toxic chemical that has been associated with lung cancer.
Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to brain cancer, larynx, esophagus, liver, breast, stomach, prostate, pancreatic cancer and colorectal, according to researches. The reason is that the alcohol is formed from the acetaldehyde that disrupts DNA and protein formation. This however is not the case with red wine, which contains resveratrol, which is great for fighting cancer. It is important just be moderate.
Charred food
The meat from the grill and toast are considered charred food. Charred parts contain a large amount of heterocyclic amines, which we have already mentioned in the case of red meat. When you save a grill or toast make sure that the meat or bread does not turn black.

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