With These Natural Herbs You Can Treat All Kinds Of Hormonal Imbalances

These herbs are very powerful. They can help you treat all kinds of hormonal imbalances. Natural herbs can be used both in gastronomy and to prepare natural remedies to improve organic health.
In fact, traditional Chinese medicine has used herbs since antiquity to treat a large number of conditions.
Today we want to teach you how to use natural herbs to treat health problems related to hormone imbalances.
The best thing about these herbs is that, in addition to being very economical, they serve to improve the general health of the organism.
Next we will mention what are those herbs that you should incorporate to end with the hormonal problems that can happen to you. Learn to heal your body with natural remedies!
With these natural herbs you can treat all kinds of hormonal imbalances
Before embarking on the use of natural remedies to treat hormone problems, it is important that you know the signs that give these problems to know how to cure them.
According to traditional Chinese medicine, hormonal problems are related to certain energy issues.
Below we will give you a list of the causes so you can know what natural herbs you should use.
Ying Deficiency: It is produced by an estrogen deficiency and causes cramps, heat in the extremities, dryness in the vagina and constant thirst.
Stagnation: generates pain in the breasts, tightness in the back and shoulders, pain in the temples and cramps.
Yang deficiency: it is caused by progesterone deficiency. This causes constant need to urinate, lack of energy, weight gain and edema.
Lack of energy: generates constant urge to urinate, chronic fatigue, concentration problems and colds.
Deficiency of the blood: causes anemia, dry eyes, hair and nails, cramps and spasms.
What natural herbs to use to treat hormonal imbalances
Dang Gui
-It acts as a good nutrient for the blood.

-Helps regulate menstrual cycles and treat the symptoms of menopause.

-You can consume it in infusions or soups.

-It is recommended to mix with other herbs that serve to combat the deficiency of blood,
Bai Shao (white peony root)
-This herb nourishes ying, yang and blood.

-It serves to alleviate the symptoms of the Pre Menstrual Syndrome.

-You can drink it as an infusion or by adding it to the broth.

-It is available in Chinese herbal shops.
Hei Zhi Ma (black sesame seeds)
-Helps nourish the ying.

-It is used to combat the dryness of the skin and eyes.

-You can consume it in yogurts or milkshakes, you can also eat with sauteed vegetables or breads.
Xi Yang Shen (American Ginseng)
-It nourishes both ying and yang.

-It serves to balance the hormones because it assists the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis.

-It helps to fight stress and favors relaxation.

-It can be consumed in infusions or along with the stew or the soup.
Huang qi (root of astragalus)
-It serves to nourish the blood and to regulate the yang.

-It also gives vitality and fights the lack of energy.

-It strengthens the immune system’s defenses.

-Consume it in infusions or next to the broth.
Gou Qi Zi (Goji Berries)
-Nourishes ying and blood because it brings a lot of antioxidants.

-It is used to combat dry skin and brittle nails.

-It can be consumed as breakfast along with oats or also as a snack.
Long Yan Rou (longan fruit)
-It serves to nourish the blood.

-It promotes relaxation, calms the nerves and serves to combat insomnia.

-You can consume it as a normal fruit or you can also prepare an infusion with it.
Lian Zi (lotus seeds)
-It improves the functioning of the digestive system.

-Relieves anxiety and depression.

-It can be mixed with other foods like rice or vegetables.

We hope you find this information useful and you share it. Thank you!

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