This Enzyme Cleans Arteries, Heals Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Fibrocystic Breasts, Lung…

You can use this specific enzyme and you will clean your arteries, the carpal tunnel syndrome, fibrocystic breasts and much more. If you are searching around for pain reliever that isn’t a steroid or harmful to your body, or looking to prevent blood clots?
Then you might want to check this all-natural enzyme that European doctors have been administering to patents with scarred lung tissue, blood clots, arterial plaque and alleviate pain.
Serrapeptase is a proteolytic enzyme that works to digest protein you consumed and even searches for protein in the body. This makes it valuable in eliminating scar tissue from internal organs, plaque and fluid build-up after suffering an injury. Originally, Serrapeptase was found in silkworms that utilize this enzyme to digest the Mulberry leaves they lived on. Mostly important, they used it to make a hole in their cocoons and fly when predators are present.
When Serrapeptase is extracted and capsulated, it works powerfully to reduce inflammation and relieve pain in such a way that makes non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), and aspirin, without the adverse side effects. The enzyme also has the ability to eliminate cancer cells before tumors start to form and even help other remedies after tumor formation.
How Do These Serrapeptase Enzymes Work?
Enzymes are boost and enable biochemical reactions. As taught in Chemistry class, enzymes aren’t able to be consumed by those chemical reactions they start. Our body has about 4,000 biochemical reactions that need enzymes as stimulation. This is the interesting part about the enzyme activity of Serrapeptase. Dr. Hans Napier from Germany received positive results in clearing plaque buildup in arteries and kept his patients away from having a by-pass operation. Simply put, it is safe and works effectively in clearing blocked arteries.
One of Dr. Napier’s patients, a woman, was treated with Serrapeptase before having an operation to amputate her hand. She ended up recovering and not needing her hand to be amputated. Serrapeptase also works to break down fibrin produced from blood coagulation, which works to balance clotting of the blood. Research has discovered recently that Serrapeptase can weaken the fibrin coating of tumors that are used to hide them from immune responses. This also works to dissolve arterial plaque without damaging the arterial wall. Serrapeptase relieves pain by blocking and preventing release of amines (proteins that send pain signals). It also helps to release excess fluid in body tissues that contribute to pain and swelling.
Serrapeptase has been widely used by many healers over the past 30 years in Europe. It was discovered to be safer and a healthier alternative to EDTA (ethylenediamine tetra-acetic acid) to remove excess plaque in the arteries. Serrapeptase works better than pharmaceutical statins that are commonly prescribed to eliminate lipids (fats) and plaque in arteries and blood.
Unlike statins, Serrapeptase doesn’t hinder the biosynthesis of cholesterol. Interestingly, cholesterol can protect arterial lesions from becoming inflamed. Cholesterol, in fact, forms a big chunk of the brain’s tissue, helps to make hormones that stabilize the endocrine system and is even a part of cell outer walls.

One of the hormones that stabilize the endocrine system also works to stimulate the conversion of sun rays into vitamin D3 in the body. If the biosynthesis of cholesterol is impacted in any way, dementia and other brain health risks occur.
Serrapeptase isn’t just helpful for the cardiovascular system, it also can treat lung issues, sinus problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, sports injuries, and fibrocystic breast disease. It’s even recommended by some doctors to patients to use as an anti-aging agent, as aging can have a huge effect on inflammation, scar tissue and disregulation. Disregulation happens when the process of inflammation no longer can differentiate between harmless and harmful substances. This leads to inflammation and long term autoimmune issues.
It’s Safe Enough to Trust Anecdotal Reports
Many personal experiences involving Serrapeptase have claimed pain and aches have gone away because of the enzyme. Because it is all-natural, it will have no detrimental effect on the immune system and will have no adverse side effects, not even indigestion. You can find serrapeptase capsules and tablets online and in many health food stores. Some holistic doctors advise you take high doses at first until you see a positive change, then work off to a lower dose.
Why is this miraculous enzyme not in our grasp after 30 years of proof finding it to be safe? The pharmaceutical industry, and they most certainly won’t allow any competition against their toxic prescription medicines.

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