Robert Kennedy Jr. Leads Lawsuit To Sue Monsanto For Cancer-Causing Roundup Weed Killer

Roundup weed killer is causing cancer. The shocking news is that Kennedy Jr leads the lawsuit against Monsanto. Monsanto have come under new pressures from environmental activist Robert Kennedy Jr. The company has been in the firing line again regarding their weed killer ‘Roundup’.
A new report has emerged claiming that 40 residents of California are suing Monsanto after they developed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, claiming to have been brought on by the chemical pesticide.
The tragic case comes just after it was ruled that in the state of California Roundup can be issued with a warning stating that it may cause cancer, for the first time ever.
Robert Kennedy Jr. is a well known activist and environmental lawyer who has been battling against Monsanto and the like for the sake of human welfare.
He launched the announcement at the Revolution for Truth rally on March 31st.
The lawsuit has been filed in the Alameda County Superior Court against Monsanto Co. and Willbur Ellis LLC for wrongful death and personal injuries against the affected California residents.
Monsanto have been accused of producing false data to mislead people against the dangers of their chemical products.
Kennedy Jr. said “Monsanto’s newly released documents expose a culture corrupt enough to shock the company’s most jaded critics,”
“Those papers show sociopathic company officials ghostwriting scientific studies to conceal Roundup’s risks from Monsanto’s regulators and customers, including food consumers, farmers and the public. One wonders about the perverse morality that incentivizes executives to lie so easily and to put profits before human life. All humanity will benefit when a jury sees this scheme and gives this behemoth a new set of incentives.”

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