Lottery winner buys his former workplace and forces his former boss to wear mascot costume

A lottery winner from Minnesota found a very unusual use of his freshly won fortune: he purchased the restaurant where he had worked for 17 years… only to force his former boss to wear a ridiculous chicken costume!

49-year old Paul Watson from Rochester won an astonishing $149 million in March from the Multi-Millions Minnesota State Lottery.

When asked by organizers what he would do with the money, he had simply answered: “Get rid of my stinking job, maybe get back at my stupid ass boss”.

Mr. Watson held true to his word, purchasing the restaurant where he used to work and giving raises to every employee except one… restaurant manager Oscar Reyes.

He had something special planned for his former boss. Paul Watson made Mr. Reyes the restaurant’s “public relations director”, a job consisting of distributing fried chicken samples on the street dressed in a chicken costume.

“That jerk yelled orders at us and treated us like slaves. If it was legal for me to whip him I would!”

While the new owner seems to find this “promotion” amusing, Oscar Reyes says his new job is extremely demeaning and exposes him to constant harassment. He is filing a $185,000 lawsuit against Mr. Watson and Chikorama.

“For 19 years, I was the manager of the restaurant. I was the boss in here, now that jerk promoted me… but I have to dress up as a stupid rooster! That’s not a promotion!”
Mr. Reyes says his new boss not only forces him to wear a ridiculous mascot costume but as even put up signs encouraging customers to “force-feed the chicken”, leading to several unpleasant incidents.
Mr. Watson told reporters he doesn’t care about the lawsuit, claiming that “getting even with that man is priceless”.

He also said he was planning on getting back at his two ex-wives and “might have to make some more investments in order to sake revenge against them”.

The Rochester Police Department confirmed that it had dispatched officers to have a discussion with Mr. Watson concerning his threats and that it would be watching him closely.

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