You can grow back your receding gums in a simple way without surgery only by using these natural remedies. Dental problems can be extremely painful and frustrating. People also avoid visiting their dentists. One of the most common conditions is affecting the gums. During this condition, a tissue of the gum around the teeth corrodes. Your gums look like they recede backwards and it’s called precisely like that – receding gums.
Your teeth look bigger because a big part of them becomes visible along with the line between the gum line and the teeth. This space can be an area where numerous bacteria grow. The pain it causes is unbearable and the teeth become very sensitive. There are people who even lost their teeth because of this.
It’s something that will appear very slowly and people are usually unaware of it.
There are several common reasons which can cause receding gums: lack of oral hygiene, smoking, gum disease, genes, periodontal diseases, aggressive brushing, hormone imbalance, piercing your tongue, etc.
If you think that you also have this problem, make sure you visit your dentist as soon as possible. The dentist should advise you to do tooth scaling, root planning, or maybe a surgery that can repair the damage.
Here are several remedies that can definitely help you avoid surgery:
Make sure you consume one cup of green tea every morning. This tea is full of various anti-inflammatory properties. Your gums will be less swollen and without any oral diseases!
– Massage your gums with eucalyptus. New gums will be stimulated and receding gums prevented.
–Use Aloe Vera gel and brush your teeth with it or use it like a mouthwash.
– Massage your gums with clove oil three times a day.
–Prepare some homemade lemon oil! Mix half a cup of olive oil with a freshly squeezed lemon. Leave this mixture to rest for three weeks. Then, use this oil to massage your gums.
–Oil pulling is just what you need because it can destroy the toxins in your mouth and reduce plaque buildups.
–Use powdered myrrh on your toothbrush and massage your gums with it.
Make sure you maintain a proper oral hygiene and a good oral health. Make sure you brush your teeth along your gum line with a soft brush. Brush your teeth after every meal because only that will help you remove any harmful matter or bacteria. In that way, you’ll prevent receding gums. You can also use these things to treat receding gums: coenzyme Q10, zinc, vitamin C, ginkgo biloba and calcium!

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