Effective Natural Juices For Immediate Relieve Of The Cystitis Symptoms (UTI)

You can relieve cystitis symptoms using these natural effective juices. Cystitis or UTI is a urinary infection that is quite common among women, resulting from inflammation of the bladder caused by bacterial growth. Although it can also affect men, the cases are scarce since they are exposed to fewer risk factors.
Its main symptom is a very uncomfortable burning sensation when urinating, although it can also be accompanied by fever, abdominal pain, and bleeding. Although it cures quickly, it is usually necessary to resort to antibiotic treatments to avoid complications and keep it under control, although there are also totally natural solutions that accelerate its recovery and slow the growth of bacteria. Take note.
Orange juice and kiwi for cystitis
The juice of these two fruits is very rich in vitamin C and in natural fibers that when assimilated, strengthen the immune system increasing the response against the bacteria causing the infections. Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties help to clean the urinary tract, toning the bladder and kidneys, reducing cases of cystitis.
To prepare it you need the juice of five oranges and the juice of two kiwis. One should take a glass in an empty stomach and optionally, repeat the mid-afternoon intake.
Strawberry and celery juice for cystitis
This natural juice helps in the cleaning of the urinary tract thanks to its diuretic power, removing bacteria and toxins that lead to infection. In addition, its alkaline effect controls the pH of the blood and strengthens the immune system to increase the production of antibodies.
In this case, you need six ripe strawberries, two celery sticks and half a glass of water. Mix everything in the blender until a homogeneous juice is obtained and it is taken immediately. You should consume twice each day at the time the first symptom of cystitis appears.
Pineapple juice and apple for cystitis
The pineapple has digestive enzymes that together with the natural acids of the apple, become a magnificent anti-inflammatory remedy that controls the symptoms caused by cystitis. These two fruits have antioxidant and diuretic properties that stimulate the elimination of liquids besides toning and cleaning the urinary passages.
You need three slices of pineapple, a green apple and a glass of water. The apple and pineapple are cut into the blender with the glass of water until you get a drink without lumps that should be consumed immediately. It must begin to be taken at the first sign of cystitis.
Spinach and carrot juice for cystitis
The combination of carrot and spinach is a great solution for this type of infections, since its anti-inflammatory power contributes to alleviates the bladder and to strengthen the kidneys to produce more urine.
Peel two carrots and put them in the blender together with six leaves of spinach and half a glass of water. It is processed for a couple of minutes and swallowed quickly. This juice should be taken two or three times each day until the problem disappears.

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