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There are few tips that will help you clean your liver in a natural way. Here we will give you just 8, but very important ones. This is so well known as liver ateatosis, is when fat has more than 5% to 10% of the weight, most cases are detected in people with diabetes or over 50 years of age, many people with fatty liver do not develop complication any.
This disease is because fat accumulates without an inflammation in the apathetic tissue or damage to the organ. This is called simple fatty liver.
These natural tips will help you clean your liver and keep it healthy through a balanced diet, remember that a correct meal is also an excellent medicine.
8 Food Tips That Will Clean Your Liver Naturally:
  1. Garlic:
It is very good food that cleanses the liver. It reactivates enzymes that erase toxins, while allicin and selenium found in garlic keep your liver healthy and clean.
It is also easy to add to your meal dishes; Eating more garlic is a very simple change that will help a lot.
  1. Turmeric:
It is yellow curry and can be added to give a special flavor to your stews and vegetarian dishes. It will help detoxify your liver and erase those carcinogenic substances.
  1. Olive Oil:
Pressed organic oils, flax seeds and hemp, have a base of lipids that absorb toxins from your body. It is added to the food a couple of times a week and the liver will enjoy its benefits.
  1. Citrus Fruits:
Contains very high levels of vitamin C, and works as a natural antioxidant. The fruits are good, but lemons, limes and oranges are more for this task. They are consumed in moderation as consuming many of them may cause unwanted effects.
  1. Almonds:
They are very rich and contain very high levels of arginine an amino acid that helps a lot to detoxify. They are tasty in omega-3 fatty acids and glutathione, and support normal liver cleansing actions.
  1. Whole grains:
Brown rice among other cereals have high levels of B-complex vitamins. These help liver function in a number of ways, including improving fat metabolism, decongestion and overall function. Try to avoid foods made with white flour and opt instead for whole wheat alternatives.
  1. Green leafy vegetables:
They are good for the whole body, helps to eliminate toxins in the blood, and green also neutralize heavy metals, pesticides and other chemicals.
8.Green Tea:
Contains catechins, plant antioxidants that help liver function.

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