Wish On These Different Colored Candles: The Meaning Behind The Colors

Candles have a significant meaning in everyone’s life. Many people believe in the powers of candles in helping them achieve what they want. Seriously, when you blow out your candles on your birthday cake, people tell you to make a wish.

There is something innate within candles that make you hope for things to come your way. If you would like to take a step beyond the birthday wish, there are different colors that you can choose from.

Why not choose a color that symbolizes your hopes and dreams. Here are the meanings behind the different colors of candles.

Yellow – It signifies wisdom, logic, learning, mental powers, inspiration, concentration, memory, and intelligence. Yellow can also mean confidence, honor, endurance, a sunny disposition, cheerfulness, stability, security, and happiness. Yellow candles are used when you want someone to trust you or if you want to convince someone.

Pink – Pink is the color of femininity which is designed to attract attention. It represents love, devotion, faith, friendship, romance, caring, affection, and peace. Pink candles are useful for attracting unconditional love, spiritual love, and the purest forms of love.

Gold – Gold candles are used for enlightenment, protection, money, luck and victory. They also signify playfulness, masculinity, victory, and divination. Gold candles enhance communication.

Red – The color red is said to enhance energy, courage, will power, health, strength, fast action, and vitality. It can also be used for increasing passion. A red candle signifies sex, love, fertility, potency, lust, passion, and warmth.

Green – This color attracts abundance and wealth. It symbolizes money, growth, good luck and financial success. It also signifies physical healing, health, and fertility. If you want to find a new job or get a promotion, lighting a green candle is said to help you achieve it.

White – White is known as the balance of all colors. Lighting a white candle can lead to spiritual enlightenment, cleansing, and clairvoyance. It is also used for purification, truth seeking, and to bring peace. It signifies truth, emotional healing, protection, innocence, clarity, and unity.

Lavender – The color lavender signifies selflessness, spirituality, compassion, and understanding. It allows the person to have a mother consciousness. Lavender is known to calm people. Lighting a lavender candle is a form of attracting spiritual assistance.

Brown – Brown or the color of earth is a balanced color. It is used for material gains. It also eliminates indecisiveness and improves concentration. Brown represents telepathy, learning, psychic powers, home, friendships, balance, success, and wealth. It is also known to protect pets and helps you find lost items.

Violet – Violet represents success, strength, and idealism. It is used to reach an ambition. Lighting a violet candle can improve your independence and financial success.

Blue – Blue is known to improve communication, calm, and even help in losing weight. It is used to achieve peace, wisdom, understanding, patience, truth, and happiness. It also represents loyalty, contentment, healing, idealism, harmony, devotion, and meditation.

Orange – The color orange cleanses the surroundings from negative attitudes, situations, and places. It is also used in attracting good things such as success in business deals, career, and goals. Orange represents warmth, energy, enthusiasm, and prosperity. An orange colored candle is lit when you want to achieve emotional healing, attract friends, or achieve an ambition.

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