This multi-layered cruciferous vegetable has so many benefits for the liver. It can also help with the inflammation anywhere on the body. Cabbage is a high fiber, low calorie vegetable that can help you to realize excellent health. The secret properties of cabbage have long been known for centuries by certain cultures. There is research that has been done that confirms cabbage as among the super foods.
Cabbage is an excellent anti-inflammatory food that is also beneficial for your bone and colon health. There are several proven health benefits to using raw natural cabbage in your daily diet and as a natural remedy for peptic ulcer and various digestive disorders.
There are 5 key benefits to using cabbage. Always use only organic.
As detox for stomach and colon: Using fresh raw cabbage juice has been shown to detoxify the stomach and the colon. It is helpful for reducing diarrhea and relieving inflammation of the intestine. Drink a couple of glasses of cabbage juice throughout the day to realize all the benefits it has to offer. This miracle juice has been proven over and over, for its peptic ulcers healing power. The green cabbage is best for this purpose.
Blood-building: For individuals who suffer from anemia, it is highly recommended to drink one or two glasses of raw cabbage juice every day. Cabbage is rich in chlorophyll and blood-building properties which are beneficial to improve blood quality in an anemic body.
Wound healing: Cabbage is not just for your insides! It has been used as an anti-inflammatory on a swollen cuticle or glands, or even on engorged breasts after weaning off breast-feeding, by laying a cabbage leaf on the swelling overnight. Use it to relieve sore spots, wounds and even blisters. Just wash the leaves that you are going to use and roll them flat using a rolling pin or a glass bottle. Heat them lightly in a pot with water until they are just warm. Place the leaf on the wound and let sit for about 2 hours, then repeat the process with a new leaf. Keep doing this till you see the wound heal.
Heal peptic ulcer: This juice recipe (in image above) has been proven many times over, of its effectiveness in healing peptic ulcer.
Liver detox: Cabbage is excellent when it comes to liver cleansing. Drink cabbage juice to overcome hangovers! The anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce the effects of dehydration and headache from liver intoxication.
Weight loss: The detoxifying and diuretic effect of this cruciferous vegetable is also great in improving regularity that gradually help in weight loss in a safe and healthy way.
The best way to gain the most benefits from cabbage is in its juice form, but you can steam or eat it raw in a salad. Whichever way you enjoy it the most.
There are three types of cabbage (red/purple, green and Savoy) and you should be consuming them all.
Savoy cabbage is the best that you want to consume to help you ward off cancer. Savoy cabbage is an excellent source of sinigrin which is one of the glucosinolates that has received special attention from cancer researchers as having preventive properties against cancers of the bladder, colon and prostate.
Cabbage is a miracle food that should be a part of anyone’s diet who wants to enjoy good health.

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