Spray This In Your House and In 2 Hours It Won’t Fly a Fly or Mosquito

You can spray this in your house and after two hours you will destroy every fly and mosquito in the house. When we are invaded by insects like mosquitoes and fly, we quickly seek the solution between the amount of supply provided by the market.
There are many potent and effective insecticides, but just as insects kill, they also have the power to intoxicate ourselves.
Who wants to spread a chemical that threatens the health of our family and our pets?
Keeping mosquitoes away from your home effectively and safely is possible. You only have to pay attention to the homemade elaboration of this insecticide effective and harmless for the health with which you will be unconcerned of this problem. In addition, it is economical and easy to prepare.
We think that eradicating the mosquitoes of our house is fundamental to avoid the diseases that transmit these insects.
You will only need:
– 100 ml of alcohol vinegar
– 100 ml of shampoo
– 100 ml vegetable oil
– 1 bottle with spray
Mix all the ingredients in the spray bottle and stir to mix everything well.
Spray with this homemade insecticide every corner where you have seen mosquitoes or fly, as well as door and window frames, under beds, etc.
It is a repellent so effective and harmless that you can even apply it on clothing or on the skin.
Additional information about mosquitoes and fly:
We usually include in the category “mosquitoes” any insect of these characteristics that sting insistently leaving marks on the skin on which we then scratch without mercy.
But what many are unaware of is that the biting of mosquitoes and fly is because they need this blood to produce the eggs of another generation of mosquitoes.
Male mosquitoes and females also feed on the nectar of flowers.
Other species of mosquitoes feed on aquatic organisms found in the same environment in which they also proliferate which is water.
The most intense activity of mosquitoes occurs from 6 pm, when they go out to get their food, as they do not like the sun very much.
It is difficult to notice the difference between males and females, but at least we know that when one is stinging, it is a female mosquito looking for food to reproduce.
We hope you find this information interesting and you share it. Thank you!

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