Nothing Worse Than Having Mice in Your House. Take Note Of These 5 Home Remedies To Eliminate Them

They are harmful for our house and for our health as well. They bring many diseases and can destroy our health. Having mice in the house is the worst ever. We can all face difficult situations in life and we can get more or less graceful from each of them, but if there is something that can make us scream is to see a mouse walk through our kitchen or any other environment of the house.
Few things can be as disgusting as finding one of these animals poking through our food and just thinking that they walk through the cupboards between the dishes or the drawers between the cutlery we feel like screaming.
In addition to the impression they can make, mice and rats as well as other insects are really serious disease generators and nobody wants to have them hanging around the house so today we are going to teach you some basic tricks and homemade but extremely effective to have To these plagues far from our families.
We know that it is not an easy process nor can it be done one day for the other because in the first place we do not know how many mice we have in our house or if they come from neighboring houses. The fact is that mice have the ability to reproduce with astonishing speed and eradicate them even though it is not a simple task, it is something that we must do as soon as possible.
1st method:
It appeals to the best hunters of mice of the history: the cats. These cats are expert hunters and rarely in a house where there are one or two cats can we find mice. Cats have basically nocturnal habits and they give with ease with these animals to be able to eliminate them. Also, a dog can also be very useful.
2nd method:
In the same way that we say that soft drinks are harmful to people’s health, for mice they are directly lethal; Because the gas they contain can not eliminate it in any way and this inflammation drowns them. Put a soda in a bowl in places where you know these rodents can circulate and it is likely that in a day or two you will find some dead.
3rd method:
Do you know the plaster of Paris? It is a type of fast drying plaster that is used to cover skies and is very effective for removing mice. Place a particle of Paris plaster and flour in a dish, add a tablespoon of salt and leave the container in the entrance of your house or in places where you have detected the mice, next to another dish with water. Mice will be attracted to this mixture of flour and salt but the most important part is the water and plaster of Paris. When the mice consume the first mixture, the salt will cause them to feel thirsty and when drinking, the water will harden the plaster that they consumed. This will invariably kill the mice.
4th method:
The same procedure above can be used with a much more powerful bait such as chocolate powder. This mixture of cocoa with flour and plaster of Paris plus the water they will ingest after so many dry elements will cause the plaster to harden and the death of the mice.
5th method:
Finally you can use a method that does not kill the mice but keeps them away. Place cayenne pepper in a bowl or sprinkle with cayenne pepper in corners. You can also place cloves in the cupboards to keep them away.
We hope you find this information helpful and you share it. Thank you!

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