Man With Stage 3 Colon Cancer Refuses Chemotherapy & Treats Himself With Vegan Diet

This man had stage 3 colon cancer, he refused chemotherapy and treated himself with vegan food. The story of Chris Wark is definitely a lesson to be learned. He proved that cancer can be treated, and everyone is talking about his battle against the deadly disease.
Wark refused to do chemo, and guess what… he survived. The young man was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer, and as you may know, it’s the deadliest type of cancer.
Alternative healing is still pushed back, and cancer patients are always suggested to try conventional methods like chemo, radiation, and surgery.
What most people don’t know is the fact that chemo and radiation aren’t the only ways to kill cancer. It’s funny how no doctor will ever promise their patients that their chemo will work.
Surgeons removed Wark’s tumors, but his cancer metastasized to his lymph nodes.

“Surgery does not cure cancer, especially not stage 3. If it did, that’s all they would do. There would be no need for chemo and radiation.
The medical industry has known that surgery does not cure cancer for at least 100 years. Cancer is a systemic metabolic disease, the result of a body that is nutrient deficient, overloaded with toxins, and has an overloaded or suppressed immune system.
If the body is not given the essential nutrients it needs to repair, regenerate and detoxify, cancer will most assuredely come back after surgery.
A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, juices and smoothies is the most powerful way to promote the body’s ability to heal itself. All processed food must be eliminated.
Animal products should be severely restricted or eliminated for a season until the cancer is gone. And it’s ok if some people don’t believe me. I know lots of survivors that have healed cancer without surgery, but skeptics won’t believe them either,” Wark said. You can read the rest of his story at
Many would agree that cancer is nothing but a profitable disease. It’s a multi-billion business, and people keep dying. Conventional patients only make the condition even worse.
A 2003 research found that chemo has only helped 2.1% of adult cancer patients. The research included randomized clinical trials, and the “power” of cytotoxic chemotherapy.
Researchers used data from the cancer registry in Australia and the Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results Data in the US for 1998. According to these results, curative and adjuvant cytotoxic chemotherapy only helped 2.3% of Australian adults and 2.1% in terms of 5-year survival rate.
Alternative treatments are mostly based on baking soda, cannabis, and hemp oil. Even scientists confirm the efficacy of these treatments. Always do a thorough research, and find what works best for you and your loved ones.
Plant-based diet can prevent 60% of chronic death diseases. The information was confirmed by renowned researchers.
Experts at the University of Alberta, Canada, found that dichloroacetate can be a promising treatment for cancer, but the world of medicine ignores it. Wonder why? It’s cheap.
Watch the video below to get more information about alternative treatments and cancer.

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