Here Is How to Remove Tonsil Stones Without Surgery

You can remove tonsil stones if you have them without the risk of having a surgery. We feel like there is something stuck in out throat when we notice that there are white nuggets in the tonsils. Many people suffer from tonsil stones (white nuggets) nowadays. This issue occurs when bacteria, mucus, dead skin cells and leftover food particles start to deposit in the tonsil crypts. They can be whitish or yellowish and soft and squishy. Different health problems such as bad breath, throat irritation, difficulties swallowing food and breathing issues can be caused in this case.
The risk of tonsil stones is much higher if you do not keep proper oral hygiene or you suffer from chronic tonsil inflammation.
Tonsillectomy or surgical removal is the conventional treatment for this problem. However, it doesn’t guarantee that they won’t re-occur. You actually remove part of the immunity and allow bacteria and viruses to enter the body when your remove them. Surprisingly, today we will present you the most effective ways that will help you remove the tonsil stones at home:
Good bacteria completely eliminate the bad bacteria. S.salivarius K12 is definitely the most effective probiotic in the fight against the stones. You should simply take the capsule and open it. Combine it with 4 oz of warm water and stir until it dissolves. Swish the resulting mixture in the mouth and tilt your head before spit it out in order to do it closer to the stones. Chewing gums and toothpaste can also help you get rid of tonsil stones.
It has water flosser nozzle, motor and water reservoir. Place the nozzle at the tonsil cervices in order to remove the stones. The next thing you should do is to blast them out and set the irrigator on lowest setting without hurting the tonsils.
Place your head down for the stones to fall out your mouth and point the curved syringe tip at the pocket with the stones. Combine equal parts of 3% hydrogen peroxide and water for the syringe. It will create environment for the bacteria so they can not survive and also eases the stone removal.
The stones can be removed very easily if the Q-tip is visible and big to reach the back of your throat. Use the Q-tip in order to push the area of tonsils gently, until they are dislodged. Perform this procedure in front of the mirror, apply enough pressure and they will appear from behind the tonsil’s pocket.

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