Cooking Potato Peel in Water, Can Solve One of The Biggest Problems That Women Face

Cooking potato peel in water can solve the main issue many women face. It is the gray hair and how to cover and treat it. Although some women tell us that gray hairs are attractive and even a sign of distinction, not all feel that we look good with them and look for ways ( potato peel ) to disguise them.
But accomplishing this goal requires using chemicals that damage the skin and dry the hair, as well as being expensive.
If you are looking to solve this problem in a natural way, this is the right place for you to make a natural product based on potato peel with which you can cover your gray hairs without risk of damaging your skin and your hair.
You will only need two simple ingredients: water and potato peels
– 200 g of potato peel
– 1 liter of water
– Boil the water and pour the potato peels
– Cook for 5 minutes
– Remove and let cool
– Once the liquid becomes dark, it is ready for use
– Wash your hair in the normal way with your usual shampoo.
– Drain as much water as possible and then pour this preparation of potato peels into the hair evenly distributed.
– Wrap your hair in a towel and let it act for about an hour.
– Perform one last rinse.
This natural treatment will help to darken your hair gradually. It is important to be consistent to get the expected results. Repeat this home remedy as many times as you want as it does not present any damage to your hair.

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