The woman lived to 100 years thanks to sausages

Mary Emerson from the UK celebrated the 100th anniversary of the “sausage” party.

A lover of sausage rolls says that the opportunity to enjoy your favorite dish in a circle of a loving family, perhaps, is the secret of its longevity.

Mary and her twin sister Jean were born prematurely in 1919. No one expected the children to survive. Nevertheless, Jean lived until 1981, and Mary feels great, exchanging a hundred.

“I enjoyed baking as much as I can remember, and everyone always liked my sausages,” says Mary.

Sometimes, when a woman does not have time, she buys rolls at a local bakery. But basically she cooks sausages in the dough herself. The secret is, says Mary, to choose good meat. Making rolls has become a real ritual for Mary.

“One of my favorite moments in life is to do it for Christmas with my granddaughter Naomi,” the woman says.

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