In Brazil, an unexpected tsunami struck the coastline

Creepy shots come from Brazil. Thousands of people enjoying their holidays on sunny beaches unexpectedly come under the blow of a powerful wave that knocks them down, children scream, a wave departs, dragging children that parents are trying to save, a new wave takes them into the sea.

Thousands of people resting on the beaches were forced to flee after a huge tsunami-like wave unexpectedly hit the beach. An unusual phenomenon was observed in the Praia do Forte, Cabo Frio, in the state of Rio de Janeiro in southeastern Brazil.
Fortunately, there are no reports of casualties. Only the things of the guests, beach umbrellas and deck chairs were carried away to the sea. Many children were shocked and needed the help of psychologists.
The reason for the anomalous phenomenon has not been established, and the authorities decided to close Praia do Forte Beach for security reasons.
Meteorologists believe that this was the so-called “meteo-tsunami”. Such tsunami waves are formed by strong and stable winds blowing in the southeast and northeast directions.

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