his Heals a Single Stroke, Kidneys, Pancreas, Liver and Plus… There is No Medication To Compare With This!

Heals a single stroke, kidneys, pancreas, liver and more and it is not a medication it is all natural. 

Cilantro is a delicious natural herb native to North Africa and Southern Europe widely used worldwide. Although its most widespread use is related to gastronomy, it also has many healing properties for health.
In fact its properties and benefits are so powerful, that cilantro has been used since antiquity as a natural remedy.
So that you can take advantage of all its benefits, today we will teach you to prepare an incredible natural remedy made with fresh coriander.
This remedy will help you improve the general health of your body, allowing you to treat problems of the liver, kidneys and others.
Continue reading this article to know all about this amazing medicinal herb that serves to cure many diseases.
Benefits and healing properties of cilantro herb
As we mentioned above, the most widespread use of cilantro is mainly gastronomic.
However, its medicinal properties are really very powerful and serve to treat many diseases.
So that you can get all its benefits, today we will teach you to prepare a powerful natural remedy.
This natural remedy is very beneficial and is recommended more than chemical drugs for different issues.
First, the natural remedy of cilantro is very economical, so that all people can have access to it, without having to leave all their money in the pharmacy to cure an illness.
Second, this remedy has no adverse effects on the health of organs such as the liver or kidneys that, when processing drugs with many chemicals, become weak and can become ill.
Finally, this remedy not only has no adverse effects, but also serves to improve the overall health of the body, without attacking only one disease.
Below you will find all the keys to learning how to prepare this remedy from the comfort of your home.
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Natural coriander remedy
This natural remedy will serve you to obtain all the medicinal benefits of this powerful herb.
-Fresh coriander leaves

-Mineral water
1.To prepare this natural remedy, the first thing to do is to place some coriander leaves inside a container. The amount will vary depending on how much remedy you want to prepare
2.Then cover all the leaves with mineral water and put the mixture inside a pot
3.Bring the preparation to medium heat and once it starts to boil leave to cook for ten minutes more
4.Afterwards remove from the fire and let rest
5.Make sure the preparation is always covered, when you cook it and when you have removed it from the fire
6.Once the preparation has cooled, place in a sealed bottle and store in the refrigerator
To get all the benefits of this natural remedy, it is recommended to drink a glass of preparation every day.
The best thing is to drink a glass on an empty stomach to start the day with all the benefits of this remedy.
After a few days you will notice how the color of your urine changes due to the purification that occurs in the body.
Benefits of Coriander Natural Remedy
Here are some of the benefits you will give to your body if you drink this remedy every day:
-Regulation of bad cholesterol (LDL) in blood

-Fight against diarrhea because it fights many types of viruses and bacteria

-Elimination of accumulated fat in difficult areas of the body

-Improvement of the functioning of the kidneys and elimination of all types of renal diseases

-Fights against many diseases of the eyes and even serves to combat the conjunctivitis

-Its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties serve to fight mouth ulcers

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