This Amazing Plant Is One Of The Most Effective Remedies On The Planet, Everyone Has In His House

This plant is actually available to almost everyone. We all have it in the house and we didn’t know how to use it properly. El Llantén, is a perennial medicinal plant also called “Plantago Major” that we can find very easily in Europe and America.

Its name comes from the Latin and means “form of foot”, being its leaves elongated and resembling to the form of a foot.
This plant has characteristics similar to dandelion and although its most common way of incorporating their properties is through infusions, we can also include their leaves in dishes as soups or stews as we can prepare salads or other dishes Cold.
Its healing properties are due to its high content of fiber, flavonoids and other nutrients that are extremely beneficial to health.
Flavonoids are very useful because they act as antioxidants. Among the acids found in the plantain, we can count oleanolic acid, salicylic acid, caffeic acid and citric acid. This plant contains large amounts of water and sugars such as sucrose and fructose.
Proteins are mainly concentrated in seeds and among the vitamins it provides, we can add vitamins C, vitamin B1 and vitamin K. It also contains high doses of beta-carotene and minerals such as calcium, silicon, zinc, magnesium and manganese.

How does this plantago major herb benefit us?

Thanks to all these properties mentioned above, the plantain acts as an expectorant, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, depurative, antihemorrhagic, astringent, emollient and antiseptic.
It’s amazing! A number of benefits concentrated in a wild plant that we can all grow in the garden or in a pot. Do you want to know what uses to give it? We will introduce you to five different uses of the plantain, so that you can take advantage of all its benefits.
Cicatrizante: Plantago majorfor its astringent properties this herb can help you heal wounds and even relieve insect bites. Take some leaves, wash them well, cut them well and apply them on the wounds. You can cover it with a bandage to make it more effective.
It improves digestion: Plantago majorit is ideal for those who suffer from digestive problems or are allergic to certain foods. Plantain leaves reduce inflammation of the stomach and help repair intestinal flora.
Relieve hemorrhoids: Plantago major once again the astringent properties of the plantain will be useful to relieve hemorrhoid discomfort. You can prepare ointment with water and processed leaves that you can apply directly on the hemorrhoids to relieve pain and stop bleeding.
It purifies the blood: the plantain is a natural blood purifier, able to relieve the symptoms by poisoning with mercury. Relieves diarrhea and premenstrual symptoms.
You can prepare plantain infusions by simply boiling a few leaves in water and adding a teaspoon of honey or stevia to the tea to sweeten it.

Other uses of plantain:

– Relieves the symptoms of cystitis
– Accelerates the processes of recovery of flu and angina
– Combats rheumatism
– It is recommended in people who make diets to lose weight since it has a satiating effect
– Relieves problems related to kidneys and bladder
– Reduces intestinal inflammation
– Relieves toothache
– Helps eliminate uric acid

We hope you find this information helpful and you share it. Thank you!

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