Disc shaped UFO filmed over the capital of Armenia – Yerevan

The UFO was seen flying low and at an angle over Yerevan’s Armenian capital.

“I remember Area 51 employee Bob Lazar saying that the UFO disks they had in Area S4 often had to tilt to move from place to place. That they didn’t fly flat like planes would. This really stands out to me in this video of this disk being actual alien technology”, writes famous Taiwanese ufologist Scott Waring on his etdatabase.com website.

Can it be a top secret USAF craft made from alien tech that flew from the US secret island base in the Black Sea? Or is this another species manned craft?

“Armenia is only 80km from the Black Sea. I would say this is too close to the Black Sea and it looks too classic in design…so it must be a USAF secret project”, claim Waring.

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