Can the island move?

Google maps – the official supplier of photos of amazing places on our planet. It was with his help that an unusual round lake was discovered in the vicinity of Buenos Aires.

Not only the correct form of the lake, lurking at the mouth of the Parana River, interested observers. Greater attention was attracted by the large green island, which drifts in the center of the lake and its shape repeats the rounded outlines of the lake shores. Moving on the water, the island resembles the movement of the pupil, so the lake was called the Eye. Fans of mystics immediately put forward an assumption about the alien origin of a natural object. But everything turned out to be much more mundane.

The island of Lake Oko is formed by a great eichornia plant, or water hyacinth. Thanks to the porous fabric at the base of the leaf, eichornia is excellent afloat. Growing fast, water hyacinth covers the surface of reservoirs with a dense carpet. The plant is a problem: firstly, the dense layer of eichornia worsens the oxygen regime of the reservoir, which leads to the death of its inhabitants, and secondly, makes navigation difficult. The process of overgrowing water can last from a few dozen to several hundred years. And it is quite possible that very soon the Eye Lake found is completely overgrown with a green carpet.

Such floating islands are not uncommon in our country. Call them splavinov or zybunami.

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