Make Varicose Veins Disappear With This Incredible Home Remedy

You can make your varicose veins disappear with this incredible remedy. Many people especially women suffer from varicose veins and now we will teach you how to treat them easily and naturally. The varicose vein consists of a venous insufficiency consisting of the inflammation of the veins produced by the irregular accumulation of blood causing severe pain in the legs of both man and women.

When this symptom occurs, it obstructs the normal functioning of the veins, which basically consists of transporting the blood.

Those who suffer from this disease should refrain from:

-Wear uncomfortable heels and shoes.
-Wear socks or garments that tighten the skin.
-Use special media for the varicose vein.
-Do not do long walks.
-Do not be in the same position for a long time.
-If you drink long days sitting, it is necessary that you have a foot rest.

We suggest that you elaborate the following homemade recipe to reduce the symptoms.


– potato
-A glass of aloe vera juice
-Half lemon


-Grate the potato on the thinner side of the grater.
-Add lemon and aloe.
-Store in a glass container.


Apply at night with your legs up rubbing for 5 to 10 minutes and wrap your leg in a wool blanket. Remove the next day.

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