Do Love Spells Really Work? Separating Magic From Myth

Love: the most intense and amazing of all emotions. It can be wonderful, it can be terrible. Few things can move us so deeply, and – when it goes wrong – make us so desperate.

When unlucky in love, people are willing to try anything— even magic. If the thought of love spells entered your mind, you might have brushed it off as crazy— but is it? Google “love spells” and you’ll get over 20,000,000 hits! Obviously, you’re not the only one wondering.
So what are love spells? Can they really work, and what do you need to know about them?
Magic is not what Hollywood and folklore would have you believe. Magic isn’t actually supernatural; that’s one of the first mistakes people make.
It’s quite natural, and as such, it can’t make the impossible happen. But if something is possible, it can certainly improve your odds of having it happen.
Since the beginning of time, humans have been tapping into the natural energies that exist in the universe to bring about desired changes. They used nature and psychology to facilitate these changes.
Think about how ancient witch doctors would make a potion to heal a sick person, or to help a hunter be successful in his morning hunt. Biochemistry has taught us that the herbs those potions were made of actually has an effect on the body — they could be antibiotics, or stimulants.
The witch doctor called it magic, your pharmacist calls it medicine— but it’s still the same thing, and the same results.
Also consider the law of attraction— synchronicity. People who have put effort into visualizing things have helped manifest these things into their lives— for better, or for worse.
Psychologists may call this a self-fulfilling prophecy, but it still barrels down to the same thing: we make things happen for ourselves.
Think of spells a sort of filter to focus your intents like a laser— the way a magnifying glass will focus a ray of sunlight. This increases their potency and ups the odds of success.
There is much debate about ethics when it comes to love spells. The question comes down to this: is it wrong to try to manipulate someone’s free will? Most of us would agree— it is. When you look at love spells as a form of mind control, the very notion seems highly immoral.
However, love spells do not have to involve emotional bondage. You can cast a love spell on yourself, instead of someone else, with the intent to attract compatible mates. That way, everyone still has free will; it just gives a boost to your opportunities.
You can also cast a spell to bring an ex-lover back into your life, without attempting to force the person to go against his will. The universe merely arranges a chance meeting so you have the opportunity to see if sparks still fly and feelings can be reignited.
If you’re interested in casting love spells, keep in mind that spells don’t work well without proper training. There is a certain amount of study and mental discipline required to understand spell casting’s intricacies, and of course, practice is necessary.
If you truly want to learn magic, you shouldn’t start with love spells, you should start with spell casting basics. It can take time to work your way up.
Your other alternative is to seek someone qualified to cast spells. You have to beware— there are con artists out there in just about every field. If someone is making promises that sound too good to be true, it probably is.
If the initial quoted price keeps rising, it’s another huge red flag. Like any other services for hire, you need to investigate to make sure you’re dealing with a qualified, ethical professional.

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