David Copperfield sent his secret tricks to the moon

It turned out that on the Beresheet spacecraft, which crashed while landing on the moon, was a secret cargo – a drive with the tricks of a famous illusionist.

It turns out that the Beresheet device still fulfilled its mission, but not the main one, but the secret one. On board the moonwalker was a small memory drive, to which the magician and illusionist David Copperfield recorded unknown stunts. This drive has a special protection against damage, so it is likely that it remained on the surface of the moon during a crash.

Copperfield visited the office of the company Arch Mission, which supplied the drives for the Israeli spacecraft Beresheet. There he was inspired by the idea of ​​sending notes about his unpublished tricks to the moon for history.
David Copperfield / Wikipedia Commons
But nobody knew about this secret mission of the Beresheet device before the press conference, at which Copperfield and Arch Mission told about their plans to leave a mark in history, reports TechCrunch. Engineers analyzed the data on the crash and concluded that the drive with the Copperfield tricks could remain intact:

We either installed the first library on the moon, or left only traces of human attempts to build a library on the moon

However, engineers still have too little data to analyze the situation with the drive. Therefore, the fate of the cosmic tricks of Copperfield will long remain under the veil of secrecy.

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