No More Varicose Veins, No Pain In Joints, Loss of Memory, or Headaches Using Bay Leaves and Olive oil

Bay leaves is a delicious aromatic herb widely used in the gastronomy of the world to flavor meals. However, this herb has been used since antiquity as a natural remedy because of its powerful medicinal properties.
There are so many benefits that it serves to combat varicose veins, relieve joint pain and improve memory.
So that you can take advantage of all its benefits, today we want to teach you to prepare a powerful natural remedy made with this ingredient.
It is a very simple remedy for which you will not need more ingredients than laurel and olive.
Its properties are so effective that when you try it you will never want to stop using it!
Natural remedy made from bay leaves and olive oil
Laurel is a plant native to the Mediterranean area whose leaves are used in both gastronomy and natural medicine.
This herb has many beneficial properties for health.
Among its main benefits, this herb serves to relieve nerves, treat varicose veins, purify the colon, strengthen immune system defenses, relieve joint pain and improve brain function.
Being so beneficial, it is very important that you learn how to prepare this remedy made from bay leaves.
Below you will find all the information to prepare it from the comfort of your home.
Best of all, it is an herb that is within the reach of all people.
Do not miss this incredible recipe!
-30 grams of bay leaves (preferably organic)
-1 cup extra virgin olive oil
1.The first thing to do is to place the bay leaves in a mortar to grind them well
2.Then mix the crushed leaves with one cup of extra virgin olive oil
3.Put the preparation in a sealed bottle and let stand for two weeks in a cool, dry place
4.Shake the bottle once a day so that the ingredients are fully integrated
5.Once the two weeks have elapsed you must remove the sheets of the preparation and close again
6.Let rest for two more weeks
7.When these last two weeks have elapsed you must filter the oil with a gauze
8.Try to tighten the gauze as much as possible to remove all the oil
9.Store in a tightly sealed glass container
Benefits of this natural remedy
–It serves to regulate the functions of the liver
–Treats all types of kidney problems
–It helps to reduce acne and blackheads, while improving the appearance of the skin
-If you apply on the belly helps you to relieve the stomach pains and indigestiones
–Relieves joint pain if you rub the sore area with this oil with warm temperature
-Treats fever and its symptoms
-It is beneficial for people who have no appetite
–You can relieve the headache by massaging your temples with this oil
-It serves to relieve the pain of ears if you wet a cotton with this oil and place it on the area that hurts
As you can see, this natural remedy is very beneficial to health.
For that reason, we recommend that you prepare it to always have it on hand in emergency situations.
Because it is a very powerful remedy, it is advisable to consult a physician before using it on children.

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