Nibiru Wrecking Earth, says Dr. Ethan Trowbridge

Nibiru’s perpendicular position relative to the Earth’s southern hemisphere has exacerbated global climate disruption, says former USGS climatologist and Nibiru whistle-blower Dr. Ethan Trowbridge. He has forsaken terms such as “global warming and cooling” in favor of a phrase—climate disruption–that more accurately describes the undeniable chaos effecting seventy-five percent of the planet.

Dr. Trowbridge, who received firsthand knowledge of Nibiru while attending joint NASA-USGS emergency preparedness meetings between 1986 and 1997, maintains that a cyclical brown dwarf star with several orbiting planets is drawing nearer to Earth, bringing with it unprecedented climatological disasters never before seen in recorded history.

He cites this season’s anomalous weather as evidence of Nibiru’s imminent arrival. Large swaths of the northern hemisphere have been brutalized by an unseasonably frigid winter; a marked increase in snowstorms and particularly lethal blizzards signify unparalleled changes in our environment that conventional scientists have erroneously attributed to an over-reliance on fossil fuels and an abundance of hydrofluorocarbons released into the atmosphere. In the southern hemisphere, Australia has endured blistering heat and a seemingly endless drought that has caused agricultural workers to commit suicide due to unsustainable incomes.

“Our planet has changed—is changing,” said Dr. Trowbridge. “Nibiru is no longer coming—it’s here! The outmost orbital is making rotational flybys every forty-seven days, and with each pass it gets closer to Earth. They are trying to hide it, to conceal it, but the preponderance of evidence clearly proves Nibiru is wrecking our climate and shifting our poles. I have tried to get former colleagues to admit the truth—but they silence me and treat me like a leper. Just look at the recent windstorms that swept across parts of the country. It is happening.”

Additionally, he said the unseasonable surprise tornado outbreak in Alabama that killed at least twenty-three people—with many more missing—is a direct byproduct of Nibiru’s influence upon the planet. Cyclonic winds from the Nibiru system are now impacting our environment, he said.

“Because the circumference of the Nibiru system is much smaller than our own solar system, the planets in it orbit the brown dwarf star much more quickly. Earth rotates around Sol once every 365 days, whereas Nibiru orbits the brown dwarf every forty-six or forty-seven days, and spins clockwise compared to Earth’s counter-clockwise rotational axis. Each time Nibiru spins past Earth, its cosmic winds exert an ineffable amount of pressure on our climate. This will only worsen over the next few years,” Dr. Trowbridge said.

He says he believes the next two years will be perilous, as Nibiru further encroaches upon us, and that its cumulative effects will manifest sometime during the first quarter of 2021. Sections of the globe will be ripped asunder, he said, while other areas will be left unscathed. NASA and the USGS have spent decades trying to predict which geographical locations will be decimated and which will be spared, but nearly all computer simulations have produced divergent results.

“Thousands upon thousands of models have been run through the world’s most powerful computers. And forecasts are hardly ever in agreement. Naturally, someone living at five feet above sea level will be in greater danger than a person living at higher elevations. However, forecast incongruities has been unable to determine what parts of the planet might be stricken by thousands of micro-meteorites, for example, or endure massive tornadoes or seismic instability unlike anything we’ve ever seen,” Dr. Trowbridge said.

The discrepancies exist, he added, because the Nibiru System does not behave like a traditional heavy mass object. Rather than follow an established path through the cosmos, the system periodically, unpredictably shifts direction and speed whilst maneuvering toward our inner solar system. At least twice in ten years the system’s planetoids reversed not only their rotational axis but also the direction in which they orbit the brown dwarf star.

“One year Nibiru orbits its star every forty-seven days in on direction, and a few years later it orbits It in the opposite direction. For this reason we must literally toss the laws of orbital mechanics out the window and understand that we’re dealing with an enigma. I’ve said it before and I’ll say It again. Right now there’s only one season: Nibiru season,” Dr. Trowbridge said.

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