Florida attacked thousands of poisonous toads

An incredible array of toads that excrete poisonous mucus covers “every inch” in a lively carpet in a small town in Florida.

Local media have noted that toads have begun to appear in the town of Palm Beach Gardens, north of Miami, only in recent weeks. People increasingly found them in gardens, pools and just on the sidewalk. One resident wrote altogether that “she sees a huge number of toads and frogs covering every square inch. You can’t even just walk through the grass without stepping on one of them. ”

The news reported that these are the so-called reed toads. They are poisonous and did not originally dwell in the United States, but bred in some areas after a hundred such toads accidentally “ran away” from an animal dealer in 1955. These creatures secrete a toxic secret from the pores on their heads if they scare them. This substance causes skin irritation and can severely damage the mucous membrane, which is dangerous primarily for domestic dogs and cats.

Marc Holladay, a leading technician from Toad Busters, told CBS Miami that torrential rains and warm winters were all to blame for creating a favorable climate for the reproduction of amphibians. He said that the toads come out of the lakes, and warned the residents not to let pets and children into the reservoirs.

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