A snake-like fish found on the beach of Washington

On Long Beach in Washington State, local resident Candice Woodbury found a strange snake-like fish. The fish was completely buried in the sand, only a head was visible. Finding interested specialists aquarium Seaside Aquarium.

On examination, scientists determined that it was a Pacific serpentine eel. The habitat of the eel – the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Galapagos Islands, as it turned out to be in Washington – is a mystery. Experts have suggested that the fish appeared in the US state due to a strong storm, which threw it ashore.

Ichthyologists carefully removed the marine inhabitant from the thickness of the sand and took it for rehabilitation. It is known that now the serpentine eel is located in a special aquarium under the supervision of specialists of the Seaside Aquarium, where it is treating fins injured by storm and sand.

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