Why is it so long for Mercury to fly

Why is it so long for Mercury to fly planet-today.com
Some space objects that seem so close to us have a lot of obstacles on their way to themselves.

What do we know about Mercury? This is the smallest planet of our system and the closest to the sun. The length of the equator of Mercury is 15 329 kilometers. For comparison: on our planet this figure is 40,075 kilometers.

If we talk about physical characteristics, then Mercury is similar to the Moon. It does not have natural satellites and has a very rarefied atmosphere.

The small size of the planet and its proximity to the star prevents the answer to many other questions of interest to us. The fact is that such a massive object, like the Sun, will accelerate the device, which will come closer to Mercury, so that the expensive space mission risks disappearing in a fiery void.

Nevertheless, man learned to send unmanned stations to this inhospitable planet. From our video you will learn exactly how this was achieved.

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