The shadow of the Earth and the belt of Venus in a stunning panoramic photo

The earth casts a shadow on its own atmosphere, and a beautiful blue arch forms in the sky. A little to the left you can see the belt of Venus – an atmospheric phenomenon that occurs when sunlight scatters in the Earth’s atmosphere. This is an incredible sight, of course, it is better to see it live – but it is also fascinating in the photo.

The picture was taken by an astrophotographer Chirag Uprety. Place for photography, the island of Palma in the Canary archipelago, was not chosen by chance. Here are located the William Herschel Telescope and the Northern Optical Telescope, which are among the most powerful telescopes in the world. In the picture they are also clearly visible – in the left part of it, just under the belt of Aurora.

“The brilliant blue of the rising earth shadow just grabbed me without a trace,” says Uprate, sharing your memories of the shooting. “I made eight shots to fully convey the greatness of the shadows over the mountains and the peacefully dormant clouds in the volcanic caldera.”

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