The 5-Minute Yoga Routine That Can Help Restore Thyroid Levels

You can easily restore your thyroid levels by following a simple routine. Yoga is the best when it comes to healing safely and naturally.

Yoga may seem like an odd and impossible physical activity, but trust us, it’s the best thing you can do to your body. But, some people aren’t pretty interested in doing it.

Others are pushed back by the fact that yoga courses are often too pricey.

For most people yoga originates in ancient India. It’s an exercise that engages both your body and mind.

Buddhist and Hindu groups engaged yoga for their spiritual meditation, and it was their way of praying. Unfortunately, yoga is only a source of profit in Western countries.

Yoga is powerful

Scientists have found that yoga exercises reduce risks of numerous ailments and even promote psychological healing.

The Asana yoga practice offers a couple of poses that can restore your balance, and improve your thyroid function.

Your thyroid gland regulates the way our immune system reacts to external stress. It determines the influence of toxins on the body.

This gland can easily go out of balance, but that’s not an excuse to reach for chemical-laden pills. Do these Asana yoga poses to normalize the function of your thyroid gland in no time.

Sarvanga Asana

Asana stands for “staying still” and sarvanga is the Sanskrit meaning for “entire body.” Sarvangasana is a shoulder stand in which your body is set in a still posture.

This pose will regulate your blood circulation and boost your thyroid function. The body is set in an upside down position, and the pressure on the head and the throat works on the performer’s pituitary and pineal gland.

How to do it?

Lay on your back, and bring your legs together. Elevate them towards the ceiling, while keeping your palms on the lower back. Elevate your hips off the ground.

Keep your legs straight, and stick the elbows to the ground for extra support.

You will notice how your thyroid gland is pressed against the chin. Hold in this position. Support your weight on your shoulders and biceps. Take deep steady breaths.

Matsya Asana

Matsya Asana means “swimming like a fish in flooded water.” It’s easy and effective. This position will “fix” your thyroid issue, and strengthen your nervous system.

How to do it?

Lay on your back, and do the lotus position.

Elevate your back off the ground, and bring the top of your get on the ground, while creating an arc with your back.

Make sure you consult your doctor before doing any of the exercises. These poses won’t replace the help of a healthcare professional. Adjust the program to your condition, and don’t do it if you experience any pain or difficulties.

We hope you find this information helpful and you share it. Thank you!

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