Lightning electromagnetic fields have a strange “healing” effect on cells

It is unlikely that anyone seriously wants to feel the consequences of lightning. Meanwhile, their impact may have some healing effect, Israeli scientists found out.

Let us explain that due to lightning strikes between the Earth and the ionosphere, standing electromagnetic waves of low and ultralow frequencies arise. This phenomenon is known as the Schumann resonance.

About 2,000 thunderstorms rage in different parts of the world. For this reason, all this time, while life exists on the planet, it “bathes” in ultra-low-frequency electromagnetic fields.

These fields are incredibly weak and very difficult to detect.

Previously it was believed that they did not affect life on Earth. However, recent work by Tel Aviv University specialists has shown that this is not quite the case. Fortunately, this is a positive effect: these fields may have protective properties for organisms living under stress.

Scientists have conducted numerous laboratory experiments, during which they created fields similar to those that occur in the atmosphere.

Then they observed how they affect the living cells of the heart of rats. The experiments lasted 30-40 minutes.

It turned out that ultralow-frequency electromagnetic fields in the frequency range of 7.6–8 hertz influenced rodent cells. In particular, experts observed a decrease in cell damage indicators: spontaneous contractions, jumps in calcium levels and the release of creatine kinase.

Interestingly, the observed effects were temporary, and after the cessation of exposure to electromagnetic fields, the cells returned to their original state.

As summarized by the lead author Professor Colin Price (Colin Price), their experiments showed that the fields definitely had an impact on living tissue.

“Atmospheric ultra-low-frequency fields actually protected cells under stressful conditions,” said the scientist. “When biological cells are under stress, for example due to lack of oxygen, lightning atmospheric fields protect them from damage. This may be due to the evolutionary role they played for living organisms. ”

Experts particularly emphasize the fact that the study was conducted on rat cell cultures. Consequently, the results obtained cannot be automatically transferred to live rats, and especially other organisms.

Nevertheless, the work demonstrates for the first time the link between global activity of lightning and living cells.

According to Price, these electromagnetic fields appear to protect cells from damage, “but this requires further research.”

Today, experts want to study the effect of these fields on other types of biological cells.

The scientific article on the results of the study is presented in the publication Scientific Reports.

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