Health Benefits and Nutrition Of Bignay That Most People Probably Did Not Know

Have you ever heard about this fruit? If you haven’t, you should probably read this article and find out how to use the health benefits of bignay and stay healthy. Even though most of the people are not familiar with it, Bignay has been around for a very long period of time in places just like Singapore and Malaysia. This fruit has been highly nutritional found on an evergreen tree and it is loaded with numerous health benefits.

It has been described as a gooseberry sized reddish hued fruit that is also called as Queensland cherry. Both of its fruits of leaves provide a lot of health benefits.

Bignay tea is created from the bark of its tree, and it is an ideal and effective drink for weight loss. According to health experts, drinking at least one liter of Bignay tea can actually offer unlimited benefits, which includes weight loss, healthier heart, as well as lower levels of cholesterol.

Here is the list of Bignay fruit health benefits that you can actually enjoy by eating:

Natural Source of Antioxidants

The natural anti-oxidative that this fruit contains it due to its presence of catechins, which has the ability to battle against free radicals that can be found in the human body. The excessive presence of these free radicals can actually lead to premature arrival of wrinkles, fine lines, and it may even result to cancer. The absence of antioxidants can cause the above-mentioned health issues. You can now keep all of these at bay by simply consuming Bignay, as a whole of as a tea.

Used in Treatment of Syphilis

Syphilis has been known as a type of infection that can be transmitted sexually. Studies that have been conducted on this plant have revealed that the leaves of tree, when boiled, contain the possible treat for Syphilis.

Natural Cure for UTI or Urinary Tract Infection

Bignay has been known to provide relief from different infections that affects the urinary tract.

Keeps Your Blood Pressure Levels under Control

Bignay, in the form of fruit and leaves, has the possibility to maintain the levels of your blood pressure in control. Therefore, it could be consumed by those people who are suffering from hypertension thwart off various hypertension-induced cardiovascular problems.

Natural Antidote for Snake Bites

The leaves of Bignay have been used in alternative medicines by Asian physicians in order to cure snake bites.

Helps You Lose Weight

Bignay tea has been known to comprise appetite suppressing properties. As a result, consuming a cup of this tea, at least half an hour before each meal can actually aid you in losing weight in a better and healthier way.

Natural Remedy for Constipation

When the fruit of Bignay has been consumed in large quantities, is has been known to contain a laxative effect. Therefore, it can actually be used, in a restricted way, in order to provide a relief to those who are suffering from constipation.

Good for Your Colon

Bignay tea is a popular natural colon cleanser. As a result, you can actually make use of this tea in order to get rid of the unwanted toxins from your body. The natural detoxifying properties of the tea have the ability to help you in losing weight, as well as to look younger. It is also known to enhance your digestion and it is beneficial for your colon.

Good for Your Liver

The tea has been known to lower the levels of your SGOP and SGPT. Therefore, it assists you in keeping your liver a lot healthier.

Good for Healthier Immune System

Bignay tea has the ability to pep up the levels of your metabolism. The better metabolism level you have, the lower the infections will be. As a result, the benefits of Bignay will boost the power of your immune system which makes it healthier and stronger.


You can actually use the fruit if Bignay to create a brandy, vine and vinegar. It is also a natural flavoring agent that is popularly used for making juices and jams. The berries can be consumed raw, while the leaves can be used in salads.

Side Effects of Bignay

Both of the fruits of leaves of this plant is edible, but stay away from its root because they are poisonous. Pregnant women should stay away from these berries as Bignay is known to cause abortion.

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