Awesome robots currently under development

Today, robots can go to the most remote corners of the planet, communicate like humans, and even learn, but the development of robotics can be as scary a prospect as it is exciting. Remember at least any of the movies “Terminator”.

Since AI (artificial intelligence) is improving every year, it is possible that soon robots will start thinking independently and one day they will even be able to capture the world. So which robots should we look at simultaneously with admiration and apprehension?


REEM is a full-sized humanoid robot that can act as a guide, administrator, entertainer, and even make speeches or give presentations in several languages. Its manufacturers, PAL-Robotics, state that they created REEM with the goal of providing a friendly, interactive source of information that can be used in shopping centers, airports, hospitals and other public places. Well, the idea itself is not bad, but it is better to approach this robot with caution.

GhostSwimmer – robot shark
This is an unmanned underwater vehicle that simulates a shark or other large fish swimming in the water. Such a low-key “disguise” allows him to conduct underwater reconnaissance and surveillance at depths of more than 90 meters, while remaining beyond suspicion that the submarine is not under force. For this reason, the US Navy plans to use the device to monitor the oceans, without endangering human lives.

BionicANTS – ant robot
These insect robots are autonomous, which means they can function independently and respond to stimuli around them in real time. Like real ants, these robots are much more group-oriented than human-centered. They can communicate and coordinate with other nearby ant robots to solve complex problems. So, perhaps, very soon we will see whole colonies of tiny robotic insects running around.

CB2 – robot-child
The engineers created this childlike robot with one goal – to test the possibilities of learning AI (artificial intelligence). Developed at Osaka University in Japan, CB2 was created with the ability to recognize facial expressions and gestures and extract meaning from what they saw, just as a human infant does. The lead scientist of the project stated that one of their goals was to teach CB2 human language, and he believes that sometime in the future, there will be a whole new race of human robots living alongside real people.

BigDog – fighting robot dog
Approximately the size of a small mule, this four-legged robot was created at the expense of the military department of the company Boston Dynamics, owned by Google. He can carry heavy equipment up to 45 kilograms and move around difficult terrain, which makes him very useful for soldiers.

Robugtix T8X – robot spider
There is no need to explain what makes the T8X so frightening, just the fact that it is a giant robot spider is in itself quite scary. Although appearance is not everything, this robot is programmed to move and behave just like a real spider, increasing the horror that it inspires, ten times. Fortunately, the T8X is just a remote-controlled toy, but the company behind the creation of the T8X has several new spider robots that are even more autonomous and even more creepy-looking.

ASIMO is a humanoid robot currently being developed by Honda Robotics. The ASIMO project was launched in 2000, and today it is one of the most advanced humanoid robots in the world capable of recognizing faces, voices and gestures, and it can independently decide how to react, for example, wave or shake the offered hand.

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