Are You Having a Swollen Stomach and Gas? Drink a Glass of This and Forget It

Swollen stomach doesn’t look good and it can be painful. Gas on the other hand can be very embarrassing and can hurt your self esteem. If we are at home we tend to release gasses and if we are out or with someone we try to hold it and make things worse. After a heavy meal or excessive drinking you will have a Swollen Stomach, digestive problems and abdominal inflammation often appear. Although they are more common in women, abdominal strains can also affect men.

They do not necessarily result from binge eating, but it is true that some foods produce more gas than others.

Green leafy vegetables, cabbages, legumes, flours and above all sugary drinks and gas are often the main causes of abdominal inflammation.

Firstly, we recommend that if you are suffering from abdominal distension Swollen Stomach for some days choose in your diet foods that do not produce inflammation as mentioned above, preferably not to aggravate the condition.

When we suffer from abdominal distension we usually think of excess weight and accumulated fat, but often the gases that are deposited in the stomach and intestines are caused by the following causes:

– Constipation: one of the most common causes of bloating is constipation. When our intestines refuse to function normally we can feel very uncomfortable, suffer from stomach heaviness, discomfort in the lower belly and even get irritable.
– Dyspepsia: Much of the population suffers from dyspepsia which is nothing less than a digestive disorder caused by genetic problems or bacteria that are lodged in the stomach. This causes gas, nausea, stomachaches and feeling of heaviness.

– Intolerance of food: we may not know it but it is possible that some other food does not feel good to our body and the way you refuse it is abdominal distension and stomach pain. It is necessary to pay attention to what we eat.


– 140 g of chopped papaya

– 15 g of aloe vera gel

– 10 g of green tea

– 200 ml of water


This preparation is very simple. Prepare an infusion with water and green tea. Leave to stand for about 20 minutes and then liquefy the papaya with aloe vera and infusion. Drink this shake immediately after you have prepared it and you will feel better almost instantly.

Remember to maintain a healthy and balanced diet to avoid abdominal inflammation and digestive problems.

We hope you find this information helpful and you share it. Thank you!

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