Scientists believe that the collision of the asteroid Apophis with the Earth is unlikely

Scientists believe that the collision of the asteroid Apophis with the Earth is unlikely
The repeated approach of the asteroid Apophis to Earth, to be held in 2068, poses practically no threat to our planet if the asteroid orbit does not undergo significant changes by that time, said senior researcher at the Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sergey Naroenkov in a video clip that appeared on the Roscosmos page on Youtube last Friday.

“The media recently reported that this clash should take place in 2068. I am fully confident that there will be no clash. The risk of collision with the asteroid Apophis for the next hundred years remains simply tiny, ”said Naroenkov.

However, the scientist believes that the orbit of Apophis may change after 2029, when this asteroid approaches the Earth again.

“In 2029 Apophis will pass at a distance of 38,000 kilometers from Earth. The latest data at our disposal was obtained in 2015. After 2029, we will see how much the orbit of this cosmic stone changes after re-approaching the Earth. Then it will be possible to make some reasonable predictions about the behavior of this asteroid in the future, ”said Naroenkov.

Previously, scientists from St. Petersburg State University reported that Apophis could collide with the Earth in 2068. They believe that this scenario may occur if the asteroid remains lying on a trajectory that runs 44 million kilometers from Earth in 2044. , 0.76 million kilometers – in 2051 and 5 million kilometers – in 2060

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