Man Recounts Abduction Experience Following UFO Sighting from 10 Years Ago after Recent Head Trauma

Man Recounts Abduction Experience Following UFO
The Singular Fortean Society spoke to a man over the phone on December 20th who recounted recently-recovered memories of an alien abduction following a UFO sighting which occurred 10 years ago.

The man, whose first name is Francis, said that memories of the abduction were recovered following a concussion he had recently received.

Prior to suffering the head trauma, he had memory only of a UFO encounter involving a conspicuous episode of missing time that took place in Madison, Wisconsin during the summer of 2008.

Francis said, on the night of the UFO encounter, he and a lady friend were outside of her apartment smoking when they noticed a bright light overhead.

At first, he thought that it was simply the baseball lights from nearby Warner Park.

“I joked about it being a UFO,” Francis said. “But I was like ‘Ha ha, it’s baseball lights.’”

The pair decided to walk down the side of the apartment building to see if it could be lights from the park.

But it was when Francis looked up that he realized something was amiss.

Circling above them was a “perfect, bright white light” with “reflective metal in the middle of it.”

He and his friend looked at the light briefly, and took off running back to her apartment. Francis described how they grabbed the railing to run faster, taking multiple steps at a time in their haste.

But that’s the last clear memory of the night he had.

After that, Francis remembered trying to wake up from a fog or dream.

“I knew I was under something,” said the 34-year-old.

And then he woke up the next morning feeling terrified and remembering very little else…until recently.

Following a fall down some stairs and the resulting head wound, Francis found that he was remembering more from that evening.

Francis said that he is now able to remember more from the time during which he was struggling to stay awake.

He was lying down and there were smaller beings with big, black, almond-shaped eyes and pale skin, and behind them were taller beings, similar in appearance, who seemed to be supervising.

The smaller beings appeared to be performing some type of procedure.

The beings communicated telepathically; the smaller beings spoke with a robotic cadence, and the taller beings spoke more naturally, he said.

Francis said he was able to understand their communication with each other, and that he felt “it was a privilege for [him] to understand them.”

According to Francis, it was the being’s understanding that humans are not supposed to wake up during the first stage of an abduction.
Man Recounts Abduction Experience Following UFO
Terrified, he asked the beings to “Please turn the fear off in me.”

They seemed to acquiesce, after which a peaceful feeling came over him.

“Why are you doing this?” asked Francis.

“It is necessary,” the beings responded. “It is necessary for the human race.”

Francis said that while he had recovered even more memories of the incident, he was still too frightened to speak about them.

He also said that, following the initial sighting, he had discovered a mark on top of his bicep consisting of three circles in a triangle formation, and that he had removed a thin, two to three inch piece of metal from his ear. He described the metal as “squishy, like Play-Doh,” but said that it always reformed to its original shape. Francis said that he gave the metal to his case worker at the time for safekeeping.

Francis said that he would be willing to meet and discuss his experiences further, and that he may seek to recover the mysterious metal from his case worker, whose contact information he still has.

The Singular Fortean Society will update this article with any new developments in the story as they happen.

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