Iran is disappearing underground: While Tehran is sinking, giant sinkholes swallow parts of western Iran

Tehran is sinking… And now gigantic holes as deep as 60 meters (197 feet) are appearing in western Iran. And that’s not because of missiles or meteors… No, no! They are the result of excessive water pumping.

A few weeks ago, new satellite measurements showed that Tehran was sinking about 10 inches (25 centimeters) per year.
Giant holes form in Iran due to excessive water pumping. Pic via Youtube video
These gigantic holes in Iran were not caused by missiles or meteors. Pic via Youtube video
A side effect of such impressive subsidence is the sudden appearance of giant cracks and sinkholes in some areas that may end up with some parts of Iran completely disappearing from world maps.
Ground collapse in western Iran. Pic via Youtube video
Huge cracks in desertic western Iran. Pic via Youtube video