7 Herbs That Kill Viruses and Clear Mucus from Your Lungs

7 Herbs That Kill Viruses and Clear Mucus from Your Lungs Planet-today.com
The flu season is coming closer and closer. With it, it brings mucus and different viruses together. Here are some herbs that can help you kill the viruses easily. We are getting sicker and sicker as a society. Bodily, mentally, and emotionally, and they are all intertwined.

In many cases, we use antibiotics to treat bodily sickness but the problem is we are severely overusing these drugs to the point that these “bugs” are becoming superbugs and killing people because of something called antibiotic resistance. Add to that severe adverse drug reactions and side effects, we are making the problem even worse.

The path we are on is not a good one to be sure.

The thing is, antibiotics can’t kill viruses, only bacteria. Antibiotics cannot destroy viruses because they can only target the equipment/structures found in bacteria. Since viruses don’t have this “stuff” inside of them, the antibiotic has nothing to attack.

On the other hand, we know of certain plants and herbs that can attack viruses (and bacteria).

7 Powerful Antiviral and Antibacterial Herbs


If you can’t stand to eat it, get the odorless capsules and eat it like candy. For viral infections on the skin, you can pulp raw garlic and wrap it in gauze.


Its active compound is Cineole, a common ingredient in cough syrups. It’s an effective antiviral and decongestant, so it helps fight your cold while eliminating congestion, and reducing the inflammation. You can get eucalyptus essential oil and put in a diffuser to make it become airborne for treating your respiratory problems.


Similar features that eucalyptus has, use the vapors to treat sinusitis and lung illnesses.


It contains menthol, an ingredient that can relax the muscles of the respiratory tract so you can breathe more easily. Combined with the potent antihistamine and antioxidant properties of the peppermint, menthol makes an effective decongestant.

Licorice Root

Over 20 triterpenoids and 300 flavonoids have been isolated from licorice. Recent studies have shown that these metabolites possess many pharmacological properties, such as antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antitumor and more.


Thyme is another ancient remedy used to treat respiratory tract and bacterial infections like pneumonia.


This is a powerful antiviral and antioxidant, you can take 1-2 drops of oregano oil. You can mix it in a glass of water or juice, personally, I like to put it in capsules and swallow because I don’t care for the potent taste. It’s also packed with nutrients and vitamins.

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