In Papua New Guinea, an eruption of a volcano occurred

The inhabitants of Nigeria ate a python that swallowed their goat

NASA warned of approaching the Earth “potentially dangerous” asteroid

Where is the capital of the tornado

In the south of Mexico found the mask of the ruler of the ancient Maya

Scientists have found out that parrots have the ability to be embarrassed

What kind of meat will we eat in the future?

NASA satellites recorded a record number of fires on Earth

Epidemiologists called “the most harmful” of products

In Central Italy in two years there were 93 000 earthquakes

Traces of sperm whales were found at a depth of four kilometers

NASA can not get in touch with the rover Opportunity

The NASA will study the polar ice with a laser

Poisonous cloud in Chile poisoned more than 100 people

The human brain tries to switch attention four times per second

Tons of contact lenses poison the World Ocean

The US intends to send astronauts to the near-moon station before the end of 2024

In the east of China, 2,63 million people were affected by the floods

The astronomer accepted the ISS for a sunspot

Napoleon lost at Waterloo due to volcanic eruption in Indonesia

In the Arctic, the thickest ice in the world is being destroyed

Concern Volkswagen accused of creating a drought in Mexico

Scientists have defined the landing sites for the asteroid Ryuga

The frequency of earthquakes has sharply increased in the world

Floods in Laos

A powerful antimicrobial agent has been found in the human stomach

Developed countries throw several dozens of tons of food per second

Typhoon “Simaron” in Japan left without electricity about 140 thousand houses

Healthy and healthy food in the modern world does not exist

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The Bible Code

In Chile, the trees of the species Araucaria Chilean

In China, the fossils of an ancient giant tortoise