China’s Tiangong 1 space station will soon enter the Earth’s atmosphere

The northern minke whale slips under the sea ice in Antarctica

On the moon found 6 000 new craters

A three-dimensional thermal map of an erupting volcano is created

Canadian biologists have solved the “riddle” of chicken and eggs

The failure of Will Smith’s meeting with the robot Sophia

Early warning is more effective for weak earthquakes than for strong ones

The water on Earth was before the collision that formed the Moon

The Sahara is growing and Lake Chad is becoming shallow

In the US, the remains of a newborn baby tyrannosaurus

In the crater of an active volcano, sharks-mutants

UFO over Niagara Falls

Snowfalls in northern Germany caused chaos on the roads

In Scotland, a record large forest cat

In Canada, traces of people left 13 thousand years ago

The first video of the falling orbital station “Tiangun-1” appeared

Scientists have studied the mechanism of “feeding” of bacteria by electrons

As in the hotels of China began to sell clean air

Dogs are able to distinguish between joy on a person’s face

In the UK, an acid rainbow

Strong rains in Australia led to a record rise in river levels

Full solar cycle in one photo

Solar activity threatens unmanned vehicles

“Tiangun-1” will fall to Earth on April 1

Kirigami inspired scientists to create an innovative plaster

Inside the Egyptian sarcophagus, considered empty, a mummy

Astronomers have discovered a strange ghost galaxy

A powerful sandstorm hit China

A powerful sandstorm hit Egypt

The last interview of Stephen Hawking

In the human body, a new organ was found

Ancient knowledge was deliberately destroyed by the elite of mankind because of fear of a change in civilization

Two UFOs are dangerously close to civil aircraft

At the bottom of the Swiss lake found a boot thrown 5 thousand years ago

In the south of the Amazon, traces of a previously unknown civilization

Strange, glowing clouds scared US residents