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The ice of Greenland melts by the middle of the century

A heavy shower caused a flood in Uganda

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What warned Stephen Hawking?

How will life change if energy becomes free?

Platypus will help in creating new antibiotics

Noble metals on Mars indicate a gigantic clash in the past

In Australia, recorded the brightest of the known fast radio flares

The Neanderthals were helped by the feeling of compassion

Divers in the cage almost became breakfast for the giant white shark

Mars Curiosity transferred a new photo

On the Google maps of Antarctica found the road and the bridge

More than 10 thousand artifacts were found in the Yangtze tributary

In Peru, found the oldest arrowheads

The plane with the world’s largest jet engine made its first flight

The flood in Croatia

Strong snowfall hit China

The ancestors of people were interbred with the Denis

In Russia, a method of obtaining fresh water from the air

Cosmic radiation complicates the flight to Mars

Russian scientists have tested a laser for the destruction of asteroids

Comets emit X-rays

Non-polar glow: mysterious glow

Farmed Norwegian salmon: ‘world’s most toxic food’ gets facelift

American pilot told about meeting with UFO

New Mars rover NASA will look for places suitable for living on Mars

Dawn probe watched the seasons change on Ceres

Astronomers have determined the speed of rotation of galaxies

Chinese station “Tiangun-1” loses altitude

The probe Juno discovered strange anomalies in the life of the Great red spot of Jupiter

Scientists recorded the sounds of volcanic lightning

In Mexico, at the top of the mountain found an ancient sanctuary

Winter storm “Skylar” hit the US

In the center of the galaxy, perhaps, there is no dark matter

Cities affect the climate

In Argentina, the famous ice arch collapsed

NASA published a new photo of the Martian rivers

NASA named the new purpose of the probe New Horizons