Mathematician calculated the approximate dates of the beginning of the third world war

Termites are finally ranked among the cockroaches

Victims of record cold weather in Europe have already become 55 people

In Japan, the eruption of the volcano Simmoe

California residents called for evacuation due to the threat of floods

Why does a hammerhead swim on its side?

Huge stones piled up the track in Ohio

Nokia plans to launch on the moon 4G network

What is superblock and why is it needed?

In Virginia, declared the regime of emergency because of the weather

In Maryland, a state of emergency due to the storm “Riley”

Scientists decided to dig in the Martian clay

Hayabusa-2 photographed its destination

Ice kingdom at Lake of Geneva

Dangerous weather ‘BOMB CYCLONE’ to hit Eastern US as cities prepare for huge POWER outage

Today, a large asteroid will fly past Earth

Accident at Fukushima has led to the release of radioactive nanoparticles

Brazilian scientists modeled a zombie apocalypse

At the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico discovered an ancient Indian cemetery

Scientists have figured out where the next revolution of the Earth’s poles will take place

On the exoplanet found a large amount of water

The most ancient tattoos are found out

In 2018, the Earth is threatened with the fall of 34 asteroids

California Sacramento has filled up with a hail

In Naples for the first time in the past half century, snow fell

UFOs appeared in the sky over Milwaukee in the US

Flying robot with artificial intelligence will go to the ISS

Europe was chained abnormal cold

Due to the strong wind in Japan, more than 180 flights were canceled

In Japan, the eruption of the volcano Simmoe

UFO spotted over Cleveland

In Copenhagen found the burials of ancient people