Giant waves flood the beach of El Rodadero in Santa Marta, Colombia – Mini tsunami shocks hundreds of people bathing at the same time

Yellowstone: Results of 2017

Abnormal weather hit Europe

From unprecedented cold weather in the United States suffer 100 million Americans

In the North-Western China, an ancient irrigation system

An earthquake measuring 5.7 occurred near the Commander Islands

Noah’s Ark Blueprints Found—4,000-Year-Old Detailed Instructions

The consequences of the earthquake in Iran

On the volcanic island of Papua New Guinea is evacuation

In Myanmar, there was an earthquake of magnitude 5.5

In Australia, wild fire rages

Horses implanted the supercongetal embryo

Surrealistic Jupiter

USA: Massachusetts machines freeze in ice

The Australian authorities declared war on the starfish

Flood in Malaysia

On Mars have found strange “bacilliform” formations

Floods and landslides in the Republic of the Congo

Storm “Eleanor” ruined tens of thousands of trees in Switzerland

Predictions of Nostradamus for 2018

Anomalies of the Moon

Geologists have found traces of an unknown ancient meteorite disaster

Secrets of the “Don Stonehenge”

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