US residents will be obliged to charge the house from the sun

California authorities have passed a law obliging builders to equip homes with solar panels. Starting from 2020, developers will have to build residential buildings, equipped with a power system from solar energy. These changes in housing standards open a new historical stage.

Due to the transition to an environmentally friendly form of electricity, residential buildings will rise in price by about $ 10,000. However, tenants should save this money in the future due to lower expenses for paying bills. Practice shows that installing panels allows you to save up to $ 40 per month and up to $ 500 per year. Their approximate service life is about 30 years.

Previously, the state leadership has repeatedly discussed the possibility of a 100 percent replacement of renewable energy sources. This will reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

China is the leader in the production of solar energy. In some of its regions, this segment of the industry competes on a par with coal energy. In 2015, the Russian ministry aimed to increase the share of solar energy from 0.001% to 0.9% by 2020. Such a low rate is associated with less suitable climatic conditions. With regard to world figures, it is expected that by 2050, the total share of solar energy will reach 27%.

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