An employee of NASA believes that creatures from other planets have already been on Earth

Silvano Colombano, an employee of the department of intelligent systems of NASA, argues that representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations on our planet have already been. But we managed not to notice them.

How insulting: guests from other planets flew to us, and we managed not to notice them. According to Professor Colombano, this could happen because they are too different from us. “A mind that we could discover and that could detect us is probably not based on the carbon form of life,” the scientist writes.

According to Colombano, our civilization is too young. We have accumulated the main base of technological advances in just the last few hundred years, which means all our attempts to predict the development of civilization by several thousand or millions of years ahead are ridiculous. If the extraterrestrial mind still reached the Earth – most likely, it uses technologies that we are not even able to imagine.

In order to detect visitors from space, we need to give imagination to the will and consider even the wildest assumptions about what other worlds can look like and what technologies they can use. Many technologies that seem unshakable to us (for example, radio communication) on another planet may have been wild archaic for a long time.

In addition, if the organisms of the “guests” are not really built on carbon, they can take on any kind and size. They may even have fewer bacteria.

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