What will the Earth look like without people?

The video, which immediately became viral, shows significant changes that will occur with the environment if people disappear from the face of the Earth.
A few hours after the disappearance of humanity around the world will begin to turn off electrical energy. Cities will plunge into darkness. The light will go out when the power plants running on fossil fuels run out of raw materials, and the solar panels will not absorb the energy of solar radiation, as they will be covered with dust. However, most hydroelectric stations, such as the Hoover Dam in the Black Canyon, will continue to operate without people.

In two or three days, underground railway systems around the world will flood the water, because the pumps that pump it out will break.

After 10 days, starving animals that depend on people will die of hunger. Billions of chickens, pigs, cattle heads will die. Dogs will flock and will hunt for small animals.

After a few months, a series of nuclear explosions will occur, as the cooling liquid at the nuclear power plants will completely evaporate.

A year later, satellites will begin to fall from Earth to orbit.

In 25 years, three-quarters of large cities will be covered with vegetation. Cities in the desert, such as Las Vegas and Dubai, are gradually falling asleep in the sand.

The cities overgrown with plants will attract herbivores. They will be followed by predators, and with time in the cities will be wandering huge flocks of animals.

Buildings, towers and metal bridges will begin to fall apart due to corrosion.

There will be positive sides. The air in major cities will become cleaner, and visibility will improve.

After 10 thousand years, the only evidence that human civilization once existed will remain stone buildings – the Egyptian pyramids and the Great Wall of China.

What could kill humanity? Because of a sudden epidemic that will start if the virus created by scientists “escapes” from the laboratory into the environment. The impact of an asteroid or the eruption of a supervolcano can significantly change the world, causing low yields and famine. The nuclear winter that follows a nuclear war or the blow of a huge asteroid can also wipe humanity off the face of the earth.
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